The false king and the death of Dolasilla

Dolasila wanted to retire from the fight as they had fallen in love with Ey de Net, but the king never submitted the war, so he banished Edl de Net from the kingdom. To conquer the underground realm of Aurona he began to connect secret alliances with neighboring folks. One day Dolasila walked in the meadows of Armentara in hope to see Ey de Net, when she returned to the castle she met 12 young children, which she gaves the last 12 silver arrows. The kids were sent by Spina de Mul as craftiness. The white armor of the princess turned red as blood and Dolasila remembered the gnome's prophecy. She knew, that her fate was drawn. So lead the princess her people to death. The peoples, whom the false king believed, made by his side a pact with Spina de Mul and assembled on the Pralongià. The battle was hard and bloody and Dolasila fell - pierced by their own arrows. When the king of the Fanes wanted to flee to the castle, the warriors took him prisoner. He was a false king, who had betrayed his folk and so he fell into stone. The pass at the submontane of the Lagazuoi is called today Falzarego (false king) pass.
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