The betrayal of Ey de Net

Dolasila fought and triumphed one victory after another. This outraged Spina de Mul, who sought to track down allies against the Fanes empire. The sorcerer even searched Edl de Net, the prince of Durans. Spina de Mul reports about the haughtiness of the King of the Fanes and the beauty of Dolasila, so he gets Edl de Net on his side. Edl de Net started the war against the Fanes people, but under one condition: Dolasila should be spared. Next to Edl de Net fighted Spina de Mul, disguised as a warrior. Out of nowhere resounded the silver trumpets of the Fanesfolk, led by Dolasila. When Edl de Net saw Dolasila, the two were motionless - one lost to another. Spina de Mul took advantage of the moment and shot one of his poisoned arrows at Dolasila. The wounded princess was picked up by eagles and brought the princess in a safe place. The Durans were defeated.
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