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Winter 2016/2017
...Ey de Net s'a pité da ti jì pormez a Dolasila zënza ermes y da la condüje demez da süa armada...
Lionda dal de
The legend of the day
The betrayal of Ey de Net

Dolasila fought on and won always, this suggested Spina de Mul increasingly on so he allied sought against the Kingdom of the Fanes. The Witcher even managed to pull Edl de Net the prince of Duran by the tales of the arrogance of the King of Fanes and the beauty of Dolasila on his side. Edl de Net participated in the war against the Fanesvolk part, but with a condition: Dolasila should be spared. Besides Edl de Net appeared Spina de Mul, dressed as a warrior. Suddenly sounded the silver trumpets of the Fanes people, and they saw Dolasila, at the head of the warriors. When Ey de Net and Dolasila saw each other they were motionless, Spina de Mul took advantage of the moment and shot one of his poisoned arrows on Dolasila. The wounded Princess was saved by the eagle prince and was brought to safety and the Duran's were defeated.
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