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Winter 2016/2017
...Ey de Net s'a pité da ti jì pormez a Dolasila zënza ermes y da la condüje demez da süa armada...
Lionda dal de
The legend of the day
The Enchanted shield and the alliance between Dolasila and Ey de Net

From an Aguana, Edl de Net heard that Dolasila was forced to be a warrior and that she loved a warrior she had seen only once. The Aguana told him that the fate of Fanes was near and that the Princess was in danger. Edl de Net thought to save her, but he dont't know how. He was sent by the witch Zicuta, sister of Spina de Mul on the Latemar, where gnomes forged him such a serious sign that none other than Edl de Net could carry. The king went to the Latemar and was surprised that the shield was ready. In the castle no one could raise the sign, until one day a stranger came and raised the shield. It was none other than Edl de Net that aised the shield with one hand. The king hired him to protect Dolasila on war, so the people of the Fanes participated again in wars and won on.  On First row Dolasila riding in protection of the shield that Edl de Net kepps.
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