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Winter 2016/2017
...Ey de Net s'a pité da ti jì pormez a Dolasila zënza ermes y da la condüje demez da süa armada...
Lionda dal de
The legend of the day
Le Rëgn de Fanes

At the beginning of the Reign of Fanes there is alliance with the marmots, that a queen of Fanes keeps as a secret as she marries a foreign king, who himself makes an alliance with the flaming eagle. When the queen begets two twin sisters -Dolasila and Lujanta- she gives Lujanta to the marmots as token of their alliance, getting in exchange a little marmot. Also the king has to exchange one of his heirs with his ally, the flaming eagle, who however chooses the little marmot secretly put by the queen at the place of Lujanta.On the way back from the mountain Nuvolau -where the exchange had token place- to Fanes'castle the soldier sent by the king to make the exchange with the eagle is overtaken by Spina de Mul, a wicked sorcerer who appears in form of a half-rotten mule. Unexpectedly there appears a boy, Ey de Net -the young prince of the Durans- who succeeds in striking Spina with a stone. The sorcerer falls down loosing a precious gem, the Rajëta , that Ey de Net gives to the young Dolasila. Some years later the king of Fanes decides to go with Dolasila and some soldiers to look for the treasure of the Lech d'Arjënt (the Silver Lake). The soldiers find a small box containing an ermine fur and silver dust and give it Dolasila. Suddenly the princess hears strange voices of Salvans (wild people) begging to return them the box. Dolasila takes pity on them and satisfies their request, so that they reward her telling her how to make the treasure bloom: she shall throw the dust...
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